In Dauphin and surrounding counties most DUI arrests occur at night. The following is a list of
indicators that state and local police use to suspect someone might be DUI. The list is based
upon research conducted by the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA):
• Turning with a wide radius
• Straddling the center of lane marker
• Almost striking an object or vehicle
• Weaving
• Swerving
• Going more than 10 mph below the speed limit
• Stopping for no reason in a traffic lane
• Following too closely
• Drifting
• Running tires on the center line or lane marker
• Braking erratically
• Driving into opposing or crossing traffic
• Signaling in a way that doesn’t match driving
actions (for example, signaling left and then turning
• Slow response to traffic signals
• Stopping inappropriately
• Turning abruptly or illegally
• Accelerating or decelerating rapidly
• Driving with the headlights off (at night)
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